Access to our Digital Products

How do I access my eMaterials?

Once you have purchased the Materials, you will be taken to an order confirmation page and receive an email confirmation. In the email you will find the Username & Password to access our e-Learning platform [myLMS]. Open your eMaterials via the link provided by accessing our online platform using the same log in credentials provided in the email.

You can view your eMaterial through the platform, and download to a mobile or tablet device for mobile/tablet access. We advise that you use Google Chrome when accessing our eMaterials.

Can I print my eMaterials?

No, there is no printing capability available for our eMaterials.

Can I download the eMaterials as a PDF or use it outside of the app?

No, the content is protected and will remain within the app myLMS.

Can my eMaterials expire?

Access to your eMaterials (including via desktop or mobile app) will continue till your selected exam window. However, if your account is unused for a period of three months, your account may be deactivated. Your account will be reactivated (till your selected exam window) upon logging into your account, but you may lose any previously completion status.

Can I return my eMaterials?

As this is a digital product we do not accept refund. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information. 


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