Cancellation & Returns

Digital Products

As the access are in digital format, we do not refund for this type of purchase. However, If you have placed duplicate order due to mistake we will refund all of your payment.

Access to your eBook (including via desktop or mobile app) will continue for a period of six months from the date of your confirmation email. However, if your account is unused for a period of three months, your account may be deactivated. Your account will be reactivated (up to the period of six months from the date of your confirmation email) upon logging into your account, but you may lose any previously courses.

Each course is eligible for a single user license. Ensure you use the correct email address during check out and registration process, as this will be the same address where you receive user access license. When you buy one quantity of the course you are buying single user access license.

Physical Products

Please contact our team with your return request.

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